Friday, December 11, 2009

Next Local Lodge Steward Training January 22nd

the word is finally out, we have asked that Brother James Parker, Educator for the Southern Territory return for another Steward Training session. The response was so positive from the last session that we wanted to make it available for those that were not able to attend the session earlier this year. If you look back in the Blog to August or so, you will find a complete Bio on Brother Parker. Letters will be going out soon for registration, seats are limited so get your name in the hat as soon as possible. Contact the District office (281-681-6786) or fax in your request to (281-681-8426). Remember the date and mark it on your calendar. Get this in as soon as possible so that a "work absence" letter may be sent to your company excusing you for the day, your Local will compensate you for your lost time from work.

The Holidays are upon us, everyone please make just that extra little effort to slow down and be safe. This only happens once a year, we can get through it.