Monday, November 9, 2009

Web Dev. Class was Phenominal !!!!!

Let me just tell you, the education that is offered at the "Harbor" is incredible!! I have been to several classes there, each and every one is fantastic. We are blessed with some of the most talented, intelectual, and just down right fantastic people in this Union. Any and All of the courses offered at the Winpensinger Center at Placid Harbor are a complete Joy and experience to be taken, given the opportunity. I experienced the Web Developement beginners course just a week or two ago. I cannot start to share the wonderful educational experience that it offered to me, I am no slouch when it comes to computers anyway, but the instructors Kiley Hernandez and Mike King offered everything they could possibly pass on in the time frame given, this could have easily been a two week course, but all the information needed to start up a web site was pounded into our heads with all the grace of an olympic swimmer.
I truley appreciate the talents of the instructors and it doesn't stop there. As with any course of study at the harbor, these instructors will be with you anytime you need them, whether they are in your territory, district or region, they are more than willing to help any way they can.
As always, the IAM manages to surpass any and all expectations when it comes to the dedicated Men and Women that support the efforts of each and every one of the memebers.
I will take this experience with me forever and I can only hope to reciprocate with my efforts toward the cause.
thanks again to everyone at W3 for all their support.