Friday, December 11, 2009

Next Local Lodge Steward Training January 22nd

the word is finally out, we have asked that Brother James Parker, Educator for the Southern Territory return for another Steward Training session. The response was so positive from the last session that we wanted to make it available for those that were not able to attend the session earlier this year. If you look back in the Blog to August or so, you will find a complete Bio on Brother Parker. Letters will be going out soon for registration, seats are limited so get your name in the hat as soon as possible. Contact the District office (281-681-6786) or fax in your request to (281-681-8426). Remember the date and mark it on your calendar. Get this in as soon as possible so that a "work absence" letter may be sent to your company excusing you for the day, your Local will compensate you for your lost time from work.

The Holidays are upon us, everyone please make just that extra little effort to slow down and be safe. This only happens once a year, we can get through it.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Web Dev. Class was Phenominal !!!!!

Let me just tell you, the education that is offered at the "Harbor" is incredible!! I have been to several classes there, each and every one is fantastic. We are blessed with some of the most talented, intelectual, and just down right fantastic people in this Union. Any and All of the courses offered at the Winpensinger Center at Placid Harbor are a complete Joy and experience to be taken, given the opportunity. I experienced the Web Developement beginners course just a week or two ago. I cannot start to share the wonderful educational experience that it offered to me, I am no slouch when it comes to computers anyway, but the instructors Kiley Hernandez and Mike King offered everything they could possibly pass on in the time frame given, this could have easily been a two week course, but all the information needed to start up a web site was pounded into our heads with all the grace of an olympic swimmer.
I truley appreciate the talents of the instructors and it doesn't stop there. As with any course of study at the harbor, these instructors will be with you anytime you need them, whether they are in your territory, district or region, they are more than willing to help any way they can.
As always, the IAM manages to surpass any and all expectations when it comes to the dedicated Men and Women that support the efforts of each and every one of the memebers.
I will take this experience with me forever and I can only hope to reciprocate with my efforts toward the cause.
thanks again to everyone at W3 for all their support.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

LL-1786 Monthly Meeting Date Changes

The monthly meeting date for November has changed. Since Tuesday the 3rd is National Election day, we are changing the meeting date to Wednesday the 4th of November. This is very important. It is the meeting to Nominate Officers for the next 3 year period. Read the details on the Local's blog.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Galveston Co. AFL-CIO to Host Labor Day Breakfast

The Galveston Co. AFL-CIO in conjunction with the Galveston County Central Labor Counsil will host their annual Labor Day Breakfast at Walter Hall Park on Hwy 3 in Leauge City, Texas.
here is the letter:

July 30, 2009
Galveston County A.F.L.-C.I.O.
6820FM 1765 TexasCity, Texas 77591

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
As another year has slipped past us, Labor Day is once again upon us and so is our annual Labor Day Breakfast.
The past year brought both success and disappointment. The year brought us Hurricane lke but also a sense of community and humanity, it brought us job loss but also the chance for State Representative to show a level of statesmanship that Craig Eiland and leadership we have not seen in years, the year showed change can occur with the election of President Barack Obama but reminded us that more change is needed with the actions of the Texas Senate. We have many challenges that lay ahead and must continue to try to elect friends of labor to office. Nothing demonstrated this more than the battle of Entergy vs. Summers. We won in the House by one vote but could not even get it to the floor in the Texas Senate. We face upcoming battles on Worker's Compensation in the state and passing The Employee Free Choice Act on a national level. There is much work ahead, by Labor Day we will know the results of the ongoing organizing drive by the United Steel workers at the Valero refinery in Texas City.
I want to first thank you for your past contributions to our Labor Day Breakfast and also ask you to once again contribute to helping make Labor Day a success by sponsoring our breakfast. Both Mayor Bill White and John Sharp will be in attendance and allowed to speak briefly. Breakfast will begin at 9:00 a.m. and will be served by Grand Prize Bar B Que of Texas City. The Central Labor Council has temporarily moved and the address to send your check is:

Galveston County AFL-CIO
6820FM1765 Texas City, TX 77591

Brother Lee Medley,
Galveston County Central Labor Council

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Local 15 Ratifies Contract

check out the details as they come avialable at

Saturday, August 8, 2009

check out the new post

this is information from around the world that applies to our locals and associated locals.

CSC Ellington Field Aircraft Mechanics Contract Soon Approaching

Go to to find out the details of the preliminaries before the negotiations can begin.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Steward Training

Southern Territory Educator James Parker spent time with some of the District Local's Stewards to update and discuss current issues and protocols that would contribute to the ultimate success of the Stewards day to day dealing between members and Company. Various topics, strategies and the latest in negotiation tactics and workers rights were addressed. interviewing several of the attendee's reveled that it was a very worthwhile event and information was passed along that would be very beneficial now and in the near future. Their will be several contracts coming to renewal in the next year within the district. The information dissiminated during this seminar will most assuredly be a benefit leading up to the coming negotiations. It would appear that the news of Brother Parker's efforts at the District did not make it out to the entirety of the District constituents, we will make efforts to repeat the seminar in the near future. if you have any questions regarding Steward rights and responsibilities, available information, documentation, or support concerning specific issues, please feel free to contact the District Office via phone, fax or email.

James Parker, Southern Territory Education Representative

In 2008 Brother Parker was assigned by International President Tom Buffenbarger to serve as the Education Representative of the Southern Territory on General Vice President Bob Martinez’s Staff in Dallas, Texas.
Responsibilities and assignments include, but are not limited to working with all Local Lodge and District Lodge Educators. Working with all Education Committees in the Southern Territory, including all Woodworker Local Lodges and District Lodges. Preparing and distributing education materials. Conducting Education programs, seminars, classes and sessions for all Local Lodges, District Lodges and State Councils whom may request Education. Continuously developing, designing and implementing new effective training programs. Machinists Non-Partisan Political League Check Off Programs and Campaigns. James Parker is a thirty-year member of Local Lodge 776B at Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth, TX, where he worked as a General Machinist. He has also served as an IAM CREST Associate Instructor since 1998, as well as the Safety and Health Coordinator on the Safety Committee at the Lockheed-Martin plant. Brother Parker has been married for 18 years. He and his wife Debbie have two children.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Welcome to IAMAW District Lodge 37, Houston, Texas

District 37 of the Southern Territory for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers is a very unique combination of incredibly talented Men and Women supporting the vast industries that make up the Houston area. We have Craft workers in Refineries, Foundries and Forges, Machine Shops, Chemical Plants, Aircraft Maintenance and Fueling Services, Custodial Services, Maintenance, Design and Manufacturing of Space Flight components, and Astronaut Training Support for NASA, as well as Maritime Services Support Companies. Keeping up with the industries and
cultures that are Houston is a monumental task, but with the leadership that is in place in both the District Office as well as the individual Local Lodges, the Men and Women of the IAM stand head and shoulders above the rest with better wage base and better working conditions in some of the most challenging of environments.
In the coming months we will be improving our communication capabilities through updating our website and through this blog site with current labor news and events that effect the Houston area. Please make it a point to bookmark this blog site and check it from time to time for all the latest information we can provide for you. if you have a particular interest that we can spotlight or just a question or statement please feel free to post it here on YOUR blogsite.

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